Big Week for the Raiders and Your’s Truly

Packers vs Raiders.  These teams have had some epic battles in the past, probably none of them more memorable than Superbowl 2 featuring the original #3, Daryle  “The Mad Bomber” LaMonica .  Although the Raiders lost that game they put up a hell of a fight.  Let’s hope the current #3 brings it tomorrow like LaMonica brought it back in ’68.  Of course it would be nice to have Biletnikoff and a jar of stick’em handy too……  Just for fun here’s a short synopsis film from that game: Raiders vs Packers Super Bowl II.  Hopefully things turn out a little better this time around.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet as of late. It’s finals week and I’ve been busy stressing about school. That being said, I’ll make this post brief. The Raiders face their biggest challenge of the season Sunday in Green Bay vs a Packers team that seems unstoppable heading into week 14. Not only is the play execution of their offense nearly flawless, they can play in the cold. The Raiders have a horrible track record in cold-weather games. Tuck rule, anybody? I am just about the most devoted Raiders fan in existence but even my faith is being tested this week. All of the off-field problems that the Raiders have been having this season are not helping anything right now. It started with Jason Campbell, then Al Davis dies. How could things get any worse? Then last week it was McClain being a thug and this week it’s Chris Johnson’s sister getting murdered and his mom being shot but living to tell about it. It seems we just can’t catch a break this year. The game related issues are starting to pile up as well, with 14 Raiders listed on the injury report. The list includes key playmakers such as:

Chris Johnson (not injury related)
Jacoby Ford
Taiwan Jones
Darren McFadden
Denarius Moore
John Henderson

Tommy Kelly
Jarvis Moss
Chaz Schilens
Trevor Scott (this is actually an upgrade, good sign)
Richard Seymour

Kevin Boss and Michael Huff participated fully in Friday’s practice. (Thank God because I’m starting Boss in my fantasy league for the first round of our playoffs this week)

With Schilens listed as probable and Moore and Ford listed as out the Raiders are down to 3, count ’em, 3 wide receivers that they can count on to start. I thought to myself when the season began that it was just silly for us to roll with only one fullback and 7 wide receivers (Nick Miller was the seventh), but it seems like someone knew what they were doing. If we hadn’t been that deep at WR things could be a lot uglier than they are right now. Having Murphy, Housh, and Heyward-Bey as our starting receivers with absolutely zero depth behind them is scary. The coaching staff better be on it this week. I know a lot of fans were very upset that Marcel Reece was hardly utilized against the Dolphins last week. Hopefully that’s not the case this week because the guy creates horrible mismatches and Green Bay has the absolute worst pass defense in the NFL right now (well, almost, it’s ranked 31st). Utilizing Reece at the right moments could be key to winning this game but let’s not forget about Boss too. He has been heavily underutilized this season as well. Although we have only 3 receivers we have Reece who can easily fill in as a fourth, and Boss, who can provide a big body and sure hands on the check-downs. We need to air it out. If any of you watched the Packers vs Giants game then you already know the blueprint for beating the Cheese Heads. Pass, Pass, Pass. We just have to be smart about it. Fuck Green Bay and their perfect season. GO RAIDERS!


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