Massacre in Miami

Oh boy.  That was embarrassing.  This game was crucial for several reasons.  First, to make it to 4 wins in a row, which we haven’t done since 2002.  Second, because it’s Miami and they’re 3-8 (well, 4-8 now).  Third, it’s Miami.  Every time we play these guys they screw our season up.  No matter how good we’re doing any given year when we play Miami they are always a pain in the ass for us.  It would have also been an added bonus to have a little confidence booster heading into our toughest game of the season next week.  To lose is one thing, but to get humiliated has a whole different effect on morale.  These guys are going to be dragging their dicks in the dirt all week long while thinking ahead to the impending ass-whooping the Cheese Heads are gonna lay on them.  In addition to McClain’s current sideshow and everything else that has led up to this point it seems as if there is someone, somewhere, that is intent on the Raiders not having a winning season.  If we manage to salvage a playoff berth I will know for certain that Al Davis is still hanging around somewhere pushing people around and pulling strings.  We don’t stand a chance to make it as a wildcard really at this point so we have to win out or die trying.

Hue Jackson and Carson Palmer post-game interviews:

Unfortunately our destiny is no longer in our hands now that Denver has caught us in the rankings.  We’ve already split the series 1-1 with them so it will depend completely on the rest of their opponents to salvage our post-season hopes.  The rest of their season is no cake-walk either.  Week 14 they face Chicago, who will probably pose their toughest challenge yet because the Bears LOVE to stuff the run.  Week 15 is vs. New England, week 16 vs. the Bills, and week 17 vs. the Chiefs.  Not an easy home stretch but the Bears, Pats, and Chiefs games are all at home so that’s a big advantage.

The Raiders don’t have a nice home stretch either.  Next week we have the Packers @GB, followed by the Lions @home, then the Chiefs @Arrowhead, and finally the Chargers @home.  I fully expect us to win the Chiefs and Chargers matchups.  The Lions are trending downward right now so I’m hopeful there, and I know anything can happen, so I haven’t TOTALLY counted us out next week against the Packers (I think I might need my head checked).

As it stands right now the Raiders are 7-5 overall and 2-2 in the division.

Denver is 7-5 overall and 3-2 in the division.  This divisional record is the first of many in a line of tiebreakers should that ever occur.  This means we are not “tied” for first place, we are in second.  I don’t know about you but that’s not satisfying enough for me.   We are the most talented team in the AFC West.  We just need to get out of our own way.

Ultimately I only see Denver winning 1 out of the next 3 games.  I think that they will beat the Chiefs but their losing streak will start next week against Chicago.  Chicago has the right defense to stop them.  Once they stop the Tebow express every other team is gonna watch that tape over, and over, and over.  I think that we will end up winning 2 of the next four games.  I’m playing conservative here and calling Detroit a loss.  I’m 90% certain we will beat the Chiefs and the Chargers.  Detroit will depend upon which Matt Stafford shows up…. the ultra sharp and accurate Matt Stafford or the one that’s been afraid to take a shot further than 15 yards since he got a boo-boo on his finger (his relationship with Calvin Johnson has suffered because of it and has proved very costly in my fantasy league).

If my predictions stand then we will narrowly squeak into first place by one win at 9-7 while the Broncos fall to 8-8.  I had high hopes for double digit wins this season but I’ve come back down to earth lately.  It’s still possible.  If the Raiders who like playing football show up in Green Bay next week then I think we can hang in there and even possibly beat them.  This team has been very much the epitome of Jekyll and Hyde over the past few weeks and I just can’t understand it.  Don’t these guys get paid enough money that they should be so excited to be on the field that it looks like they all just had an eight-ball?  If we can just stop rocking our own boat we could do this!


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