Jack Del Rio: Yes or no?

In some news that sent waves across the NFL today the Jaguars simultaneously fired head coach Jack Del Rio and sold the franchise to some billionaire middle-eastern guy.  Del Rio was currently in his 9th season with the Jaguars and is one of the longest tenured coaches in the NFL currently (only Andy Reid is longer, I think. too lazy to look it up right now).  This guy who bought the franchise is swearing he won’t relocate the team but we’ll see about that.  If he’s got the dough to just buy an NFL team outright he probably won’t be concerned with the measly $50 million fine he’ll be hit with for breaching contract and clearing house.

Why the hell does this concern us?  Because Bresnahan sucks.  Word is the Raiders are one of many teams scouting the possibility of employing the former defensive coordinator.

Really?  Mid-season?  5 games away from post-season?  This is a very valid point and a genuine point of concern here.  The Raiders have had their boat rocked one too many times this season already and I’m certain that  if they were to change personnel at this point in the season they’d be suicidal.  If he would agree to riding out this season as a defensive assistant with a guaranteed season as coordinator the following year that would be ideal.  I don’t see that happening right now because there is already too much demand for him.  If Tom Coughlin had a brain he’d be in line too right now because they need it up there in New York.

I think we’re on the right track with our defense right now, honestly.  I like how they’ve had Branch lined up in the slot a lot lately.  It’s weird but it’s been very effective.  Now with Huff back and Chekwa and Van Dyke getting healthy our secondary is coming back to life.  Our linebackers are playing at a level that we have not seen from them previously this season.  Bresnahan does have a lot of miscues but is somewhat dependable.  I really think we need to ride him while he’s hot and not rock the boat anymore than we have to.

Does that change my opinion as to whether or not I think we need to pick him up?  Absolutely not.  I think the Raiders would be in for a large upgrade in a move from Bresnahan to Del Rio.  Bresnahan was in Oakland once before.  There’s a reason he went away the first time.  Del Rio comes with an impressive resume.  The man knows linebackers, he was the linebacker coach for the 1999 Baltimore Ravens, coaching Ray Lewis in his 3rd season.  He turned the Carolina Panthers around from 1-15 in 2000 to 7-9 in 2001 because he brought with him the #2 defense in the NFL.  The man has served under Mike Ditka, Brian Billick, and John Fox.  All three of those men run football teams with hard-nosed defenses.  Let’s not forget Del Rio also has an 11 year career as a linebacker in the NFL as well.

He is almost too perfect for the Raiders, which is why I don’t see it happening.  Just imagine what our defense could be without Fatty McGee slobbering all over it.  I say Del Rio, if brought in at the proper time, could give us what we need to go deep into the playoffs.  Maybe not this season, but next year.  If he’s still available.

I’m interested in opinions on this.  My answer is yes, just not right now.  What’s your thoughts?


2 responses to “Jack Del Rio: Yes or no?

  1. im torn on this , on one hand i would love to have rio in are pocket but at the same time dont rock the boat. With the great seson we are having. But we all have to admit are defense sucks, we give up big plays. The most elite teams will pick are back apart, not to say theres not some talent back there but absoutly no discipline week after week we see blown assignments. So what do i think i dont know.

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