Raiders vs Bears: Preview

The Raiders take on a tough opponent this Sunday in the Chicago Bears. Just a quick breakdown of some strengths and weaknesses on both sides as well as some predictions.

Darrius Heyward-Bey should be playing tomorrow. Denarius Moore has been upgraded to questionable. If we can even get just a couple series with these two in it would be a huge help.

The Raiders biggest strength coming into this game right now is the run. Bush has been pounding it down the throat of every defense he meets for the last 4 weeks. With McFadden likely sidelined for several more weeks Bush will continue his gore-fest on the gridiron.

Our biggest weakness has got to be the run right now. I know that with Caleb Hanie in for Cutler we are going to see near lethal doses of Matt Forte. That is worrisome.

I see a lot of Bush and play-action with an occasional screen. Carson will let a few fly deep just to keep the defense honest. No big passing going on for us this week. Charles Tillman is dangerous.

Chicago’s biggest strength is their terrific linebacker corps. Julius Peppers is a beast on the pass rush. Should be a good matchup for Veldheer. The defense feels like they have to carry this team right now with Cutler out. Expect top notch play from them tomorrow.

Biggest weakness has got to be the mediocre receiving corps led by an even more mediocre quarterback. I don’t see Caleb Hanie holding up to the pass rush the Raiders are bringing.

To win this game the Bears just need to be smart and patient. Run, run, run and let Forte control the game, effectively removing it from Hanie’s responsibility. Eventually we will shoot ourselves in the foot so all they need to to is hang in there.

OVERALL: Raiders win, narrowly: 20-17


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