Penalties Dangerous but QB Scrambles Kill


I normally get very animated when watching the Raiders play, whether at home or at the game, doesn’t really matter. I love my team. This last game vs. the Vikings seemed especially bad though. From the very first drive we gave up massive chunks of yards on VERY questionable personal fouls. Here’s a link to one of them: Tommy Kelly Sack The way the flags were flying in the first few minutes I knew that this was just a preview of how the day was going to go. It’s never good when I’m dropping f-bombs and throwing things only 5 minutes into the game. Penalties aside, the Raiders played some great ball yesterday. The only glaring hole I see left on this team is the inability to pick up the QB on a scramble. Tebow embarrassed us doing it and Ponder broke off huge chunks of more than 20 yards doing it yesterday too. We are facing some mobile passers in the remaining weeks in Matt Moore, Matt Stafford, and especially Aaron Rodgers. You know damn well they’ll be exploiting this after just one look at the film from those games. Our linebackers need to get a clue and Fat Chuck needs to dial up some contains and spies instead of this cover 2 zone scheme. Aaron Curry is HORRIBLE in cover 2 zone. Watch the Vikings game again and tell me I’m lying. He just looks clueless unless he’s in man or stuffing a run. I beg Bresnehan to start playing to the strengths of his players in the middle or else we’re gonna get blown up at least one more time by an opportunistic offense who has done their homework. Fix it and we make the playoffs. I can’t guarantee that otherwise. Check out Hue sticking up for the boys: Hue Jackson Calls Out Officials

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