Long Road Ahead, But Smooth

 So we’re coming off of a red hot week 10 that was full of upsets, including our 3rd straight win over the Chargers, and barelling right into week 11. What have we learned so far? Lets have a small recap:
The season starts out rocky as we’re 2-2 after week 4, undoubtedly due to a lack of training camp & OTA’s in the off-season. Next we win back to back games vs. the Texans and, narrowly, the Browns. During the game vs. the Browns the worst possible thing that could happen happened. Jason Campbell incurs a season ending injury while trying to dive for a first down after a scramble. (Watch it here: http://youtu.be/0PoOvFCPVI8, followed by a good interview with him)
Let me first be clear how I view Jason Campbell. I believe Jason Campbell is a good quarterback. He’s not “great”, nor is he going to be showing up in any record books, but he’s smart (well, some may debate this), hard-working, resilient, and shows good leadership skills. That’s what you need at the core of any quarterback if he is worth his weight. Stuff like arm strength and accuracy are secondary to these traits.

Jason was on his way to having a career high season when this happened and it’s a shame. That’s when all hell seemed to break loose. Suddenly all eyes throughout the entire National Football League were upon the Silver & Black, wondering what the next move would be. Rumors were abound of acquiring many different QB’s such as Troy Davis, Bret Favre (could you imagine..), Kyle Orton via trade with Denver, sticking with Boller (yikes), David Garrard, and of course Palmer. When news of the trade came through we suddenly became the scrutiny of every football analyst and armchair quarterback, criticizing us for making such a hasty decision and pissing the organization’s future away on a washed up quarterback with no real value. Fortunately for Palmer and the gang the next 4 weeks feature defenses all ranked 25th or below. We have Minnesota, who at the time I wrote this is ranked 30th vs. the pass.  Then we have Chicago who is ranked 29th, followed by Miami at 25th, and Green Bay at 31st. Now that he’s gotten somewhat acclimated and found a security blanket in Moore it’s time for him to prove his critics wrong and vindicate Hue Jackson’s unorthodox yet necessary decision to make this trade. The road ahead is possibly as easy as it gets. Let’s hope it goes as smooth as it looks on paper.


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