Neil Underwood has been a fan of the Oakland Raiders since he was 9 years old. Growing up in the sweltering heat of the Mojave desert in Ridgecrest, California, there were no major cities, therefore no sports teams, for at least 90 miles in all directions. The closest city with any professional sports teams was Los Angeles, and by chance the Raiders just happened to be playing in L.A. at the time. His father was an avid Rams fan, having lived in southern California a vast majority of his life. A very dear friend, Robert Rodriguez, introduced him to the Raiders at the age of 9. Not wanting to copy his father he immediately fell in love with the dark, mysterious, bad-boy image of the Raiders. Growing up watching guys like Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, Howie Long, Tim Brown, and Rod Martin made football seem almost magical. He has been by their side ever since, through thick & thin, even the JaMarcus era (yes, he owned a #2 jersey). This blog is his tribute to all those who have donned the Silver & Black over the years as well as the incredible fan base that supports this outstanding organization and its “Commitment to Excellence”. In the immortal words of one of the most beloved and most hated men ever to grace the National Football League, “Just Win Baby!”

R.I.P. Al Davis


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